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The Vision and Neilio - Alive (Official Sunrise Festival 2015 Hardstyle Anthem) - Dirty Workz - 05:11 - 10.06.2015

The Vision and Neilio - Alive (Official Sunrise Festival 2015 Hardstyle Anthem)

Label:Dirty Workz
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Neilio is a Master of Nu--Style

16 July 2016 | By:

I'm more of an oldschool Hardstyle fan. I was never into it when it was popular, but I found the genre in later life through Neilio's remix of Matduke's "the Technician" when that came out on Monstercat. I found the type of Hardstyle that's more up my alley eventually, the more sample-oriented/distorted melody/reverse bass kind, but I still hold a fondness towards Neilio and his composition skills. It's guys like him that keep me interested in today's Hardstyle scene and I find things I like here and there. And this track is one of those things. Neilio has been my favorite Nu-Style producer for years, and here's hoping that continues to be true. Keep composing those layered and original melodies, Neilio!! - Scott