Hardcore is characterized by the fast and distorted bass drums, with 160-260 beats per minute. Its vocals are fast and rap-like. This House style originated in the nineties, floating out of several house variants and techno.

The mainstream Hardcore matured in the early zero's, with a more modern, slower hardcore form. Its success quickly expanded in Europe, mostly over Italy, Germany, UK and Holland. Early Hardcore however remained existing in the underground scene, evolving over time and with a new generation waiting. Other genres got a chance to pave their way into the scene.

There are several sub-genres, Gabberhouse, Happy Hardcore, Early Hardcore, Frenchcore, (Early) Rave, Oldschool and Terror.

In the late nineties, the hardcore scene over fledged, making room for other new styles that were more accessible to the larger crowd. With the influences Hardcore, Hardstyle entered the scene with 150 Beats per minute. Back in the year 2000, the Hardcore scene expanded when artists had foreseen opportunities in a new style and maturation of the scene at the time. They started enlarging their musical heritage by initiating another style.

There were Hardhouse influences from the UK however, that led to a short existence of a mixture of Trance, Rave and Hardcore. These influences led to the experimenting of Hardstyle pioneers, such as DJ The Prophet, Pavo, Zany and Dana, in the year of 1999 / 2000.