Harddance is the collective noun for several electronic music genres, such as Hardhouse, Hardtrance, Jump and Hardstyle. In the late nineties, this cross over genre appeared in the UK, mostly influenced by Hardhouse and Hardtrance. It's generally being produced with 135 up to 180 beats per minute, quadruple time. Some would say this genre has a happier sound than Hardhouse, with pitched up influences of Trance. Some big names of Harddance / Hard Trance we think of are DJ JP, DJ Judge Jules, Tom Harding, Anne Savage and Lisa Lashes. There are several artists that play and produce Harddance along with other genres like Hardstyle. Technoboy, D-block and S-te-fan and The Prophet are a few examples. Even though some tracks may overlap more than one genre, there are several Harddance tracks released on a regular basis, such as:

1: BK - Badass
2: Tony de Vit - The Dawn
3: BK & Nick Sentience - Flash
4: BK & Andy Farley - Khemical Imbalance
5: Lisa Lashes - What Can You Do 4 Me?

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