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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. Below you will find an overview of the most commonly asked questions regarding the use of Hardstyle.com and its contents. If you encounter any problems with our website or services please check if the information in our FAQ can help you. If you can't find a solution to your question or problem below please do not hesitate to contact us at our support center. Go to the support page for further details on how to contact us.


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When I want to buy a track at Hardstyle.com, do I have to register myself?
Yes, registered users have more advantages; When you are registered you will be informed about the latest tracks, exclusive downloads and all kinds of other information.

When I order a track from Hardstyle.com, is the website secure?
Yes, when you would like to order several items at Hardstyle.com it is all encrypted to ensure the safety of all orders.

Why don't I hear a preview from a track?
Hardstyle.com uses a pop-up to load the music player. When you have a pop-up blocker, the player will not open and you will not hear any previews. When you want to hear any kind of preview; disable your pop-up blocker only for Hardstyle.com.

Why are different formats sold at different prices?
The various different products will be offered in digital formats; WAV, 320 Kbps and 192 Kbps. The better the format, the more megabytes, the higher the price you'll pay. Hardstyle.com™ pays more for data storage and data traffic. Though the WAV and 320 Kbps formats will be the main focus at Hardstyle.com™. The price categories will be adjusted accordingly, in consultation with the producer(s) and / or recordlabel(s). It can happen that prices of certain labels are different than others.

What if I do not like the downloads I have bought? Is it possible to get a refund?
We cannot refund you, unless the files you have downloaded from us are damaged. Please be sure to listen to the previews of the track that you want to buy.

My download was interrupted? What should i do?
Please make use of our Support Center. We will try to help you as soon as possible.

Can I check my previous orders?
Only when you have a profile at Hardstyle.com you can check you previous orders.

Can I get a receipt of the items I bought?
When you have completed an order, you will receive a receipt in your mailbox.

How can I pay my order(s)?
You can pay with Paypal, Ideal and Credit Card.

What are the costs for Ideal, Creditcard and Paypal?
We charge you for each payment via Paypal and Ideal € 1,00. When you use Creditcard we charge 1,9% + € 0,10 per transaction.

Why should I buy a bundle at Hardstyle.com?
When you buy a bundle at Hardstyle.com you only have to pay the costs for iDeal, Paypal and Creditcard services once per bundle + you will receive 10% extra credits free of charge.

Why can't I buy the tracks in EP/ Bundles as a single track?
The record labels some times doesn't allow to buy certain tracks as a single download, but only as an EP/ Bundle.

With which browsers is Hardstyle.com compatible?
We have optimized the shop for Mac and Pc. The following browsers can be used to shop at Hardstyle.com: (Mac OS X) Safari, FireFox, Chrome, Opera. (Windows) IE, Safari, FireFox, Chrome, Opera.

What are cookies?
When you shop at Hardstyle.com it is important to accept Cookies. In computing, a cookie (also tracking cookie, browser cookie, and HTTP cookie) is a small piece of text stored on a user's computer by a web browser. A cookie consists of one or more name-value pairs containing bits of information such as user preferences, shopping cart contents, the identifier for a server-based session, or other data used by websites.Google link to help you out with accepting cookies: http://www.google.com/support/websearch/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=35851

I ordered different tracks but they don't have the same bitrate.
When you order music at Hardstyle.com you have to make sure that your order is correct. We have constructed two specific options where you can check your order.

Are new tunes or products added regularly to the Hardstyle.com?
Yes, we try to add new items every day. So we advice you to visit Hardstyle.com regularly if you are looking for specific products.

How can I enable 'Direct Download'?
When you have a profile at Hardstyle.com you can enable in your account info 'Direct Download'. It is important that you read, understand and accept the terms and conditions for 'Direct Download'.

Where can I see my archive of direct downloads?
When you are logged in with your profile you can check your direct downloads via your account information. There is a direct link to your direct downloads in the 'Account' area.

I have received a code to download a track for free at Hardstyle.com, how can I use it?
Search for the right track or album and put it in your cart. Follow the steps and at step 3 your enable credits en fill in the code below. Click on 'next step' and you are able to download the track or album for free. Please keep in mind that codes can only be used once and are not exchangeable for credits or a similar track or album.

What are bonus credits?
Bonus credits are our way of saying thank you for ordering certain Hardstyle.com bundles! They work exactly the same as all other Hardstyle.com credits, the only difference is you earn them by telling your friends about ordering with Hardstyle.com.

How can I earn bonus credits?
It's really simple. All you have to do is purchase one of the €50 or €100 credit bundles and share your order on Facebook or Twitter directly from our website. Seconds later you'll see a lovely gift from us in your account!

How many bonus credits can I earn?
If you purchase €50 worth of credits you will receive a €5 bonus, and if you purchase €100 worth of credits you will receive a €10 bonus.

My bonus credits haven't appeared in my account yet?
No need to worry. Sometimes there can be a small delay. If you haven't received any within 30 minutes, please raise a support ticket.

What is 'direct download'?
When you enable 'direct download' in your personal profile you can download tracks straight away when you click on the buy button.

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