Zero Sanity



Steven Hills a.k.a. Zero Sanity is a Dutch hardstyle DJ born in a town called Leidschendam. This is where he spent almost his entire childhood. Growing up, he got settled in the larger and well-known city of The Hague.

At the age of 16 (in the year 2002) Steven started visiting various harder styled events and parties all over the country. An immediate passion for this kind of music was born. It was so strong that a few months later Steven already decided to start mixing vinyl.

During Steven\'s study-period, a passion for producing hardstyle music started to evolve. It was during 2006 that Steven\'s first quality tracks were produced.

At the end of 2008 Steven got in contact with StraightOn Recordings. They heard some of his productions and immediately wanted to sign the new hardstyle kid on the block.

Only two months later his debut-release in May 2009 on the Next Chapter imprint was a fact! The vinyl contained two tracks. These were \'Superdimp\' and \'Divine Intervention\'. It has been hammered by DJ\'s such as Brennan Heart, DJ Luna, Josh & Wesz and DJ Thilo. Now following with releases such as Psychedelic Substance, Mindblowing Music and remixes of Halev\'s Another Night, he is ready to take over the world!