Wizeguy (Tim Schut) was born on 20-01-1981
in Dordrecht, near Rotterdam (NL).

He discovered housemusic when he was about 13 years old and was hooked right away. Hardcore music was his thing and he needed more...

So when the time was there, he made his first track, a hardcore tune made in screamtracker (DOS platform).

Later on he moved on to Fasttracker 2.0, and when things became more serious in the end moving up to Cubase and various hardware.

After the hardcore music he moved on to play and produce (hard)trance. He produced and played that for a few years and then discovered his real passion, hardstyle, around 2003.

Interested by the complexity of the productions and the high quality of the sounds he decided to go only for producing and playing hardstyle. This is where the heart is on the right place.

In the summer of 2009 he signed at cloud 9 dance music.
This lead to his first Wizeguy release on the Hooligan sublabel in fall of that same year. The E.P. with the tracks \"imagine\" and \"velocity\" was compiled on compilations such as the Hardstyle top 100 2009. The next release is scheduled for april 2010.

More info on: www.wizeguy.nl

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