War Force



War Force A new, Earth-shattering force is conceived as two of Raw Hardstyle's most cherished names exclusively join forces for a collaboration like no other... Prepared to thrash down all boundaries in sight, War Force is expected to throw Hardstyle into a state of absolute mayhem as they unveil an inimitable sonic insurrection!

Already holding two stellar albums under his belt and boasting an intense and daring sound, powerhouse name Warface constitutes one half of this duo. Renowned as one of raw Hardstyle's biggest legends, when you throw marvel E-Force into the mix, the status quo shifts into high gear as a fresh force of sonic insanity unveils itself.

Rocking the scene with daring collaborations Disphoria,Reloaded and Devastation, E-Force and Warface noticed a great click in the studio. With both acts heavily influenced by rhythmic structures, abolishing kicks, high energy and catchy melodies, their winning formula secured a superior edge for this powerhouse act. With their first mission to strike down at Supremacy, War Force's premiere is accompanied by a stellar anthem and of course a surprising performance that's set to leave a lasting impression on the hardest of hearts.

Proudly presenting the brand new live-act War Force, this weapon of mass destruction is set to divide and conquer as they bring their extreme vision of music to the biggest stages in the world.