"Turn on, tune in, drop out" is a sentence that a lot of dance lovers will recognize. Either because it has been used as a sample in a lot of dance tracks, or because they know the famous speech by Timothy Leary in 1966 that contained this phrase. Leary didn't simply mean to say “get stoned and go crazy”, he was talking about the sequence of personal development and psychedelics were only one way to experience the various levels of consciousness. 'Tune in' meant to interact harmoniously with the surrounding world. Back then, Leary had no clue that about 20 years later a new 'drug' would bring millions of people into altered states of consciousness. The stimulant was called House: repetitive monotone music played by a DJ, bringing whole dancefloors into a state of euphoria. The new electronic music style united people of all races, ages and genders everywhere around the globe. Also in the old city of Bologna, where a young guy witnessed this phenomenon. His name was Antonio Donà and he knew right away he wanted to interact with the people on those dance floors: as a DJ and producer.