The Playboyz



It all started in the year 2003 when Sander Kapper & John Wijdoogen were making Hardstyle (DJ Lazy, Project Jupiter, The Alchemizt) and Techno (John Hoo, Sander Kapper).
But suddenly, at the end of 2004, they wanted to try something new. After a long night and many bottles of vodka, “The Playboyz” were born.
Their first jump record ‘Volume 1’ on Bunny Records was a real success and in no time they played @ Pavo XQlusive.
But this was only the beginning. Volume 2, Volume 3, Killer Bunny, Visit from god, Mental Breakdown, Joke It, Check one, Ghost Story, Rockin’, ... It would be a shame if you don’t even know one of these hits.
But they didn’t only make great hits, they also played at great clubs & parties such as Nature 1, Reverze, Defqon, Qlubtempo, Pussylounge, Matrixx (NL), Summerfestival, Complex, Bumpers (Spain), La Bush (Belgium), Metropolis(Paris), Le Tremplin (France), and many more.
With some new upcoming tracks and projects together with the biggest names on their own new label called “Filthy Muzik” and Zoo Records, these wicked boys will really rock hard in 2009!

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