The Beholder



The Beholder; Jeroen Streunding, has a history of successes  that is virtually unique. No man has produced so many classics as this man. With this background it’s no wonder that his own labels have very high standards when it comes to putting releases on vinyl.

His advantage of being a producer becomes very clear during his sets. Expect only the newest, soon to be released, and highly exclusive tracks to be tested on you. He already knows you like them, this man makes no errors. He just wants to see how high you can jump when you hear them.

With such a background it isn’t strange that crowds went totally berserk during his performances. His gigs at the Decibel Outdoor Festivals, Defqon 1 and Hardbass set new standards for hardstyle which many dj’s tried to follow. Unsuccessfully of course; even god can’t keep up with this man.

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