Born December 1989 ,Stana is one of the new talents out there. Developing his own style “The Stana Style” that can be explained as a fusion of different techno inspired styles with a touch of Stana’s own insane ideas.

Stana has always thought that he had a foot or even a toe inside the musical business world. Starting off as a singing 6 year old he started writing his own lyrics and music by the age of 13.

But after listening to Hard Dance music in his cousin’s room the year 2003 he got fascinated by the sound of the baseline and the pounding kicks combined with simple techno synth sounds. He sat down that same day trying to find software to create that very sound and Aram as a producer was born.

Starting off as a hobby at first, Aram started to let the music producing be one of his most important achievements of the day and year after year he got more serious.
After releasing his first release with the Italian Darksquad Records by the age of 18 he opened a lot of eyes for his new exciting musical style and when he turned 19 he was already a successful international dj and producer releasing with the Dutch label Theracords.

Today Stana is booked all over the world and is spreading his music as much as he can. The Stana style is most likely to surprise for every new release and Stana is supported by many great djs all over the world and has hit the charts more than once.
Expect the unexpected from this Swedish Tech Maniac.