DJ SIMOX a.k.a. SMX DJ was born near Rome on 1987.  At the age of just 13 he started his interest into DJing, then after some years, at the age of 17, he starts his career playing at his first club, The Palladium, with he worked alongside his newfound friend, DJ and producer Marco Vortex.  After one year his skill grew so Simox started working for Cyborg and then managed to get gigs for many further venues, such as Hollywood, Butterfly and Cellophane.  In 2009 his first release \'The Hardest Heart\' was released on Smashing Tunes Records (IT) then reworked in 2010 for Armabass Records (FR).  2012 he then made his UK debut with \'Life Is Too Short\' which appeared on Ourstyle Recordings.  He has also worked for Reverse Bass Records - Overdose Digital - Harderstyles Records - Reverse Bass Forces (UK) making early Hardstyle with the alias SMX DJ.