Rough Soldiers



Rough Soldiers is a DJ and producer duo in Raw and Hardstyle music and was recently founded by 2 friends, Michael Tijssen (DJ and Producer alias "The Partycrushers") and Alexander Vink ("Alex Finch", DJ Erok in the 90's).
Michael Tijssen started in 2004 as a techno DJ better known as "Mike Tierra". In the year 2005 he got his first big booking on Fantasy Dance Theatre (Club ) where populair DJ's like Remy, Erick de Man, Vincent de Wit and many more were present! In the following years the House scene developed several different styles and Michael found Hardstyle the most interesting one. In the year 2008 Michael started his own company "TPC Music" with many succesfull bookings and productions among "The Partycrushers" together with famous DJ Gizmo (Ferry Salee).

Alex Vink (DJ Erok at that time) started in the year 1993 as a vinyl DJ in the House scene where Old-School and Hardcore became his favorite style. Together with Erwin van Kan (alias "DJ Nosferatu") he was a resident DJ at several populair societies in and around The Hague, such as "Knorretje" and "De Pakschuit" Etc… From 1995 you could hear DJ Erok regularly on Radio Balance (FM 99.4). Together with DJ Syndrome and DJ Defendor he entertained many hardcore fans during the weekend. After showing up on several big events like "7 Gates to Hell", "Locomotion", "Childsplay", "Live in Houtrust" etc, Hardcore House music became less populair after the millennium as new styles came up in the scene. Alex started a family in the year 2001 and decided to slow down in music and performing. 16 years later Michael and Alex met each other behind the decks on a birthday bash of a friend and in a matter of time "Rough Soldiers" was born!

In July 2018 "Rough Soldiers" released their first music production "Blood upon the rose" on Gizmania Records. They expect to release a second track in October of this year. Michael and Alex have a lot more (out of the box) ideas and they're eager to create much more hard and rough sounds in the near future. "Rough Soldiers" recently performed at Zuidahr Parrekzich-Harder styles and Dance Parade 2018. Clearly this all-round DJ duo has plenty of experience to satisfy all the Raw Hardstyle fans around the world.
So if you're planning to start a WAR…? Seriously consider booking "Rough Soldiers" and a massive blast is guaranteed!

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