Robin Clark



Robin Clark already started playing keyboard and drums in his childhood. He bought his first turntables in 2001 and had his first bigger performances in 2002. Since 2004 he is an inherent part at the internet radio ( with his show called Hardbeats. He is performing every Thursday from 20:00 - 22:00 (UTC+1). Moreover he is the projectleader at Techno4ever since 2006. He started producing his first tracks in 2004. His first single appeared 2005 under the name Bazzface. In 2006 his first single as Robin Clark appeared. 2007 he released together with Sam Punk the sampler Hardbeatz Vol. 9 with some tracks. He is studying Bachelor Of Arts Social Work in Humanistic Ressources at the University of Vechta.
After the successfull "NEXT LEVEL E.P." now comes the new 3 Tracker E.P. "LEVEL 2 E.P."! Three (3) phatt HQ Hardstyler Burner which gonna defo the summer season 2010! GET IT NOW!

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