This deejay got interested in house music when he bought his first techno/trance tape. After that he soon broadened his boundaries to real hardcore. After 8 months of hard, sweaty work at newspaper rounds, he was able to buy his first set of spinning wheels at the age of 14. And that was the birth of deejay Potato. As a regular visitor of the legendary route 66, B-fifty two and Platte Zaol, he also was throwing little parties himself in several different clubs in the neighbourhood. He started to perform more frequently, with highlights of that time like Raving Nightmare (Entangled in Chaos), Reversed and several others.
In the year 2005 he got another chance at showing his skills at Raving Nightmare, this time in the legendary Tarm Center in Frechen/Köln (Germany). From then on he keeps growing and earns his spots at numerous events in he south of the Netherlands. His sets leave such marks, that he’s asked frequently to be a regular deejay at many events.
All kinds of mixes are floating on the world wide web, in all styles you want to hear. So search for Potato and you will find some Early hardcore, Oldskool, Classics and Hardcore mixes you definitely want to have in your download collection. One thing’s for sure: Potato is the man who knows how to make the music into a story and simply knows what the crowd likes!