Phil York



A master of all trades, a jack of none, when it comes to hard dance Phil
York is running things right now. Producer of recent innovative anthems like ‘Don’t Panic\' and \'Antivirus’, a globe-trotting DJ, label owner of hard trance standard setter Tranzlation and promoter of Scotland\'s number one hard dance night Nuklear
Puppy, everything Phil is touching right now is firing on all cylinders and
his DJ diary is perfect proof.

Northern trailblazers Good Greef, the scene dominating Tidy Weekenders,
London\'s leader Frantic, Storm and the Escape in the park festival are all stamped in his \'08 diary with debut tours of Argentina, Brazil & Norway adding to returns of his familiar stomping grounds Canada, U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Over the past year, Germany\'s massive Q-Base festival, Coloursfest, Escape, Slinky, Bionic, Parlez- Vous and Freeformation are others that have benefited from Phil\'s unique party starting touch.

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