I started producing 4 years ago with a very easy program called dance ejay. At that time I was making some Trance/Hands Up music which I sucked at to be honest, but I really liked it myself. After a while a few people I knew switched to a program called Fruity Loops. That\'s a professional producing program which was hard to learn for me at that time. Once I discovered the options in producing music I also discovered another music style. Someone gave me a CD with a couple of Hardcore and Hardstyle tracks. It was the liveset of Donkey Rollers @ Defqon.1 2005 that really got me hooked. After that I kept trying to create Hardstyle, but without internet my progress was pretty slow. It wasn\'t up until I teamed up with Dexx (Delta Conzpiracy), that I really started to create tracks that people liked, such as Sufficient and Streetmusic. With help of other producers and DJ\'s (Pithune and Ephixa) my tracks became more and more known. Now in 2010 I\'ve signed with the record label \"Empire Traxx\" and the first Release is Pithune - Party Music (Neilio Remix). Besides my solo tracks under the Artist Name: \"Neilio\", I have also teamed up with some other producers such as \"Sound Rusherz\", \"Phazelab\" and Delta Conzpiracy.

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