Ever since his younger years, Eugen Boorsma felt drawn to the world of music. During his teens, he was a devoted guitarist, never taking a moment's rest from rehearsing his favourite hard-rock songs. Not long after, Eugen discovered dance music, and instantly felt a connection with the harder and darker electronic genres. Spending years on developing and sculpting his production skills, he progressed into a creative and seasoned studio professional at an unprecedented pace. In 2015, the puzzle pieces began fitting together perfectly and MYST was born.

Joining forces with the Nightbreed Records crew, MYST's first release on the label was a collaboration with head honchos Endymion entitled 'Death Never Dies'. MYST's creative musical approach to this collaboration instantly grabbed the Hardstyle scene's attention. Following up with dancefloor mega hits such as 'Man Bear Pig", 'The Ultimate Destination" and 'Life Is Ours", word of MYST's incredible and unique sound started to spread among fans and other artists. It wasn't long before Adaro reached out and asked Eugen to put his spin on 'Raggamuffin", resulting in another explosive bomb receiving immense support from the dedicated hard dance community.

On stage, MYST delivers powerful DJ sets packed full of energy and atmosphere, sparking an unbelievable crowd-response with each and every gig. Highlights include shows across the Netherlands, Sweden, France and Belgium, as he takes to the DJ booth at world-renowned events Defqon.1 Festival, Techno Parade & Hard Beach to name a few.

Out of the mist, three elements will be presented, for balance to exist. Make sure you are ready for his Prophecy.

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