Main Suspect



Main Suspect Dogniaux aka Jordan was born February 28, 1992 in La Louviere, a small town in Belgium. At age 13, he discovered the composition through a friend and began writing as an amateur with E-Jay. The following year, being disappointed by the limitation of the program he has decided to compose using Magix Music Maker, starting with trance and hardcore. A year passed before he decided to push the limits of creation at infinity through a professional program: Fruity Loops Studio. After months to get his style, he found his way into the hardstyle in July 2007. He worked alone for 2 long years, looking for all the components of style, and discouraged by the complexity of this type of sound. It will eventually be re-motivated by Snavan. After six months working on his compositions without actually leaving full track, he discovered through youtube Skiizo, a young composer. and formed the band "is Skype buddy" with the addition of Secret Unity, Storm Blasterz and Pulserz. He returned in early 2010 with a new set of tracks with more new ideas from each other. Currently under label continues to grow day by day.