Lethal Mg



Lethal MG is one of the most legendary harddance-artists. His music is described as tekstyle with influences from techno, jump, acid and trance. He is also one of the artists who had the most influence on the jump/tekstyle sound as we know it today.
As a DJ he became notorious because of the incredible amount of records that he plays during his DJ sets and his remarkable style of mixing. You can see him perform at big events (such as Reverze, Bassleader and many more) and clubs (such as Cherrymoon, Complex, Cap\'tain, and many more) in the Benelux, France, and abroad.
Besides being a DJ, Lethal MG is responsible for producing big hits such as "You Eternal", "What Ya Need", "Punk Shock", "24", "Going Wilder", and remixes for artists such as Q-IC, Danny Casseau, Dave Davis, Chicago Zone, Manu Kenton & Max Walder, Grooveyard, Regi and many others.
With his compilation-CD\'s "J-stylerz In The Mix" and "Jump Addict" he pushed his remarkable style of mixing to the next level, by making 1 big mash-up from the tracks instead of just mixing them record after record. The amount of tracks on each CD varied from 40 to 80 tracks!

At the moment Lethal MG\'s new vinyl with the great crossover track "Eternal Desires" and the tekstyle tracks "Psycho Dance", "Stop, Hold It, Freeze" and "No Pressure" is available in the shops. Meanwhile Lethal MG works on various new tracks, remixes, and his first full album.

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