Joe-E is an up and coming producing talent that hails from the South West of the U.K. At the Age of 23, he has spent almost half of his life dedicated to both DJing and production, this has led to numerous appearances at some of the best clubs in the country and further afeild such as Scotland and Ireland and within the last couple of years gained residencies at two of the south wests leading club brands "After-Dark & "Premonition"
Success with Production has rocketed somewhat for Joe over the last couple of years, with releases on numerous labels around the world and gaining massive DJ support from the likes of Marco V, Marcell Woods, Eddie Halliwell, Yoji, Scot Project, Mark Sherry, A*S*Y*S, Kamui, Kutski (BBC Radio 1), K90, DJ Choose, FJ Project, Fausto, Ernesto vs Bastian, Fabio Stein, Nish, Remo-con, Vandall, Alex Kidd & Dr Willis to name just a few. Having tracks frequently played on numerous radio stations such as BBC Radio 1, Q-Dance and reviews in some of the leading dance music magazines such as , DJ Mag, I-DJ & Mixmag.This has been a massive step for Joe and his career and an in angle in which Joe has many ideas for the future and has already a huge following for his sound.
2007 seen the launch of an exciting new project for Joe & label partner Kidd Kaos the "Trancefuzion Collective" they set up a brand new label consisting of a series of sub labels aimed to bring fresh new sounds and very inteligent dance music to the scene wich is allready the favorite label of many top DJs accross the globe.
With all this in mind, Joe-E is certainly a name to watch for the future!

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