This Belgian-Dutch combination first met at Qlimax 2008. Brecht was heavily into producing and Tom already had experience as a DJ which is why they decided to work together. They quickly grew together as DJ\'s and producers and the first In-Phase EP followed shortly at the Torque Beats label. This EP featured the tracks \'In-Phase meets Phrantic - Instruments\' and \'In-Phase - Day One\'.
Top jocks such as Tatanka, Zatox, Deepack and Josh & Wesz were quick to pick it up and it got supported on events such as InQontrol, DefQon and Q-Base. During this time they spent a few weekends a month playing in clubs mainly in The Netherlands but also bookings in München (DE) and around Belgium followed shortly.
After this successful start of In-Phase they felt it was time to take it to the next level. They took some time to improve their producing skills and get better hardware. This resulted in the tracks In-Phase - Mysteries of Life, Afterlife and Hear The Quiet.
Brecht and Tom got in touch with Koen (Coone), the man behind the infamous Dirty Workz label. A meeting followed shortly and they felt they matched on a musical level as well as on a personal level. On the following edition of Q-Base (2010) all 3 of these new tracks were played and Afterlife appeared on the Q-Base compilation CD. These 3 tracks also ended up being the first release on Dirty Workz: Update.

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