Harder than a nine-inch nail and darker than the plague, Australia\'s own fallen angel has taken the world by blitzkrieg! Superstar DJ, cutting edge producer and global personality - the one they call Hellraiser continues to inspire his ever growing army of darkness and humble even the world\'s biggest DJ\'s & Producers with his spine shattering, dark performances. Sitting atop his ivory throne, Hellraiser together with the likes of Killrockstar Entertainment (Australia\'s number one event and festival brand) & many others have created an unholy alliance that has laid waste to all that have stood in their way.
Hellraiser\'s infamous profile continues to pulsate and grow as he slides ever down the spiral of global infamy being voted as one of Australia\'s best hard edge DJ\'s in the annual Technics / InTheMix Australian top 50 four years running - Hellraiser IS Australia\'s first genuine export into the world of tough edged dance music. Also known for his hit releases such as The House Of 1000 Corpses, The Outer Limits, Acid Noir, 21st Century Whore, Legion, and more working together with artists such as the Engineer, Satyriasis, Kai Tracid, Kamui, Dj X (Lez – Lab4), and others on heavyweight labels such as Ueberdruck Records (Germany), Tracid Traxxx (Germany), StraightOn Black Recordings (Holland), Hellraiser is now conjuring up his trademark dark & acid laced hard dance with one of the hottest new Dutch labels - Theracords! Similarly he now has seven chart topping & genre defining CD\'s under his black mitre including the infamous Pharmacy cd series mixed alongside A*S*Y*S (Germany), Scot Project (Germany), Derb (Germany), Proteus (Finland), Yoji Biomehanika (Japan), Pila (Holland) and the Organ Donors (UK) He also co-mixed the ultra-popular In Qontrol 2007 – Sound Expander three cd set for Q-Dance, Holland!
From his humble beginnings spinning acid & hardcore in Melbourne\'s underground warehouse scene some fifteen years ago, this dark child has grown and mutated into the Melbourne based avenging angel we know today. His exploits have seen him rock crowds with his spine shattering performances as far flung as the UK, Holland, Switzerland, Wales, New Zealand, Japan and Finland where he has shared top billing (and played back to back) alongside the like of Yoji Biomehanika, Proteus, Lab4, Scot Project, A*S*Y*S, Kai Tracid, Derb, Chris Liebing, Pila, The Scientist, Dj Zany, Donkey Rollers, Showtek, Dj Isaac, Tatanka, Combichrist, and even Paul Van Dyk to name but a few.
Much like the man himself the Hellraiser sound is truly an enigma; boundless and indefinable. Seamlessly combining the aggressive aesthetics of techno and metal with the power of hard trance, hardstyle & acid, Hellraiser is as unpredictable as he is talented and has been known to work anything from electro and grinding techno through to pounding hard trance, hardstyle and even hardcore into his sets. Pushing his secret blend of herbs and spices harder than most others, Hellraiser\'s own brand of aggressive hard dance & rock infused beats quickly transformed him into one of Australia\'s most in demand top DJs and is also now spreading his message of darkness across some of the world\'s most notorious clubs, events, and festivals including In Qontrol – Sound Expander (Holland), Decibel Outdoor Festival (Holland), Q Factor (Holland), Laboratory 3 (Carling Brixton Academy, U.K.), Sade (Finland), Goliath (Switzerland), Velfarre (Japan), and has also been a headlining act at most of Australia’s biggest events & clubs including Pharmacy, Q Dance Australia, Sunshine People, Digital, Two Tribes, Transmission, Utopia, Hardware, Hard Kandy, the Kryal Castle events and many more. He even recently created his own brand of event together with Killrockstar Entertainment called Grindhouse that became one of the most talked about underground hardstyle events in his home town Melbourne.
Striking a somewhat ominous figure behind the decks, Hellraiser is infamous for spreading his message of darkness through his wild on stage antics and performances - drawn from inspirational figures including Cradle Of Filth, Marilyn Manson, Dimmu Borgir, practitioner of the dark arts Alistair Crowley and the ever graceful legions of dandy and libertine artists, Hellraiser is a dark circus performance gone horribly wrong. Adorned in his metal & gothic styled attire, metal spikes, and always an abstract contact lens, the Australian dark angel known as Hellraiser has secured a very special place with his fanatical army of fans across the globe. LEGION: For We Are Many...

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