Geck-o is in real life Rik van Dam, born in 1989. He lives in IJsselstein, a small city in The Netherlands. His impressive studio - or better said: his bedroom is the place where he composes his masterpieces. Well, let\'s start with the beginning.
His love for electronic dance music developed at a young age. He learned to play the keyboard, most of the time using his favorite "techno" preset. When trance became a hype, he was hooked by it, the drive and the energy of this music gave such a nice feeling. His taste developed, and moved on to hardtrance. Tracks from Flutlicht & Shokk were his favorites, but tracks like DJ Isaac - On The Edge, DJ Stardust - Stompin\' Jack Flash (Giada Remix), DJ Vortex & Arpa\'s Dream - Incoming (Arome Remix) and the German sounds of Überdruck and Tracid Traxx introduced him to the early sounds of hardstyle.
The promo mix for Qlimax 2003 made the switch complete. Builder - Skyscraper and Blutonium Boy - Hardstyle Instructor were so awesome: raw sounds combined with energy and driving basslines, not to forget the awesome vocal tricks. He took a dive into the wonderful world of hardstyle, and discovered lots of huge tracks. He knew this was going to be his favorite music for a very long time!
As the time passed by, he got deeper into the sound and learned a lot about it, listening to livesets and keeping up with new releases. In the beginning of 2007 he felt he was ready for it, and he started producing himself. Learning the basics took some time, but he developed quickly. In 2008 his music was getting serious quality, leading to his first release, on Explosive Records Italy: Hallucinating. And this was just the beginning!
2009 brings releases on the dutch label Theracords and on the british label GBH Records!
Besides producing hardstyle as Geck-o, he has started to produce other kinds of music, just for fun and not bound to rules, under the alias Geck-e, with the e of experimental.

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