Freaqminders, also known as René & Jasmin Minhorst, are a young and dynamic producer couple.
They met in school and became best friends.
This special kind of friendship and their love to the same music made them inseparable.
In the year 2007, René began producing music, known as DJ RhYmeX and Jasmin began singing, known as Lady Jaze.
They got many fans and good reactions.
Due a fusion with his wife and René Engel, also known as Freekaz DJ, in December 2013, they created the first german hardstyle trio a.k.a. Freaqminders.
They got famous really fast with their sentimentally euphoric kind of Hardstyle.
In July 2014, René Engel had to left the team due personal issues.
So the hardstyle couple continues as a duo and bring you beats and melodies which cames from heart, but also very hard bass banging RAW that blows off your ears!