A unique mix of raw sounds, screeches and catchy melodies is what E-Force is all about. Since he started his solo career in 2011, after re-routing from “The Beatproviders”, the only way was up. Working audaciously to create his own mature and sophisticated take on Hardstyle, Edward soon got in touch with global platform A2 Records, who invited him to begin releasing on the label. This led to some massive releases on the label. Edward Aandewiel, or E-Force, has consecutively performed on the biggest events in the scene. Among these events he performed at Defqon .1, Supremacy, Q-Base, Decibel and many more. He can, without a doubt, named as leading artists in the scene.

Being this successful, the legacy continues and provided some new opportunities. Resulting in a massive new live-act, E-Force combined forces with Warface and so War Force rose as a devastating exclusive act. Be prepared for a new era of destruction!

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