Dr Rude



Dr. Rude ñ Always ready to operate On the 16th of November 1982, it was time for one of the biggest multi-talented DJís to check out what it would be like to be on planet Earth. Not having the knowledge that he was about to become one of the true leaders of his generation in harder styles. Dutch Rudi Feenstraís interest got caught by hiphop: one of his friends was playing the sounds and inspired Rudi to get an own set of two turntables and a mixer. Scratching, cutting and juggling around, Rudi found out that hiphop wasnít his cup of tea. Instead of heavy basses, downtempo beats and rappers, he learned that he got more enthusiastic about kicks, basslines and filthy synthesizers. He started getting skills in mixing hardstyle, but he was also attracted to houseclassics and early rave. He used the techniques he gathered from his hiphop-background to make his sets more interesting for the audience.