Dozer is one of the fastest rising stars in the hardstyle scene. After performing as Dj Tony for almost 20 years, Tony thought it was time for a change in his career and started to focus completely on hard- and newstyle.

Not only did he change his style of music, but also changed his name into “Dozer”. Within one week after undergoing this massive change, he produced his first track under his new guise with a new style. This outstanding release, called “ The Church of the Darkside”, a co-production with Michel Pollen (who’s also the co-producer of Donkey Rollers) got supported by all major hardstyle dj’s and became a classic from it release date. Nowadays it only takes Dozer ten seconds to get the fans screaming: “ this is my church, the church of the darkside”. All tracks are released on Superplastik, which is a sub label of Fusion Records.