Dj Thera



Pieter Heijnen is the founder and creator of Theracords. With always following his true passion for harder styled dance music Pieter has produced over 60 releases and played all over the world. In the past Pieter is most known for projects as \"Brennan & Heart\", \"Bass Driver\" and \"Orion\'s Voice\", but since he started Theracords \"Dj Thera\" is his main focus.

Last year Dj Thera has started a new sublabel Therabyte to release even more diverse harddance, had more then 10 number #1 hits in several sales charts worldwide and he played in countries like Canada, Denmark, Holland, Ireland and the UK. This year Pieter has done a dj tour in Australia and is booked for big Dutch festivals such as Dance Valley, Ground Zero, Alcatrazz and Land of Confusion. 2010 is definitely the big break this true artist deserves so much with all of his accomplishments and ground breaking musical vision.