DJ Isaac



Dj Isaac is at the forefront of harder dance music; a position he now holds for over 14 years. Always sticking his head out for new revolutions in sound Roel Schutrups can be considered as one of the founders of hardstyle. This background and his continuing efforts in the studio make him a regular headliner at the world’s biggest dance festivals and events like Defqon.1 Festival (40.000 visitors), In Qontrol (20.000) and Decibel Outdoor (35.000). Still Isaac’s own focus has always been an international career which ultimately brought him everywhere in the world including Colombia, Australia, Japan, Russia, Canada and South Africa. Even today he often prefers to spend days in planes to spread the harder music styles instead of doing regular performances in Europe.
As a producer it is very clear that dj Isaac has been influenced by many different styles of music; besides harder dance styles Roel has been very successful with various trance projects including Alice Deejay. This particular project reached gold and platinum album sales all over the world, something he would later do again with hardstyle anthems ‘On The Edge’ and ‘Go Insane’. The latter can be considered as the international break through of this sound igniting artists worldwide to follow and build a harder dance scene. Other renowned artists quickly found their way to his studio and Isaac soon remixed tracks for Mauro Picotto, Safri Duo and Cosmic Gate.

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