DJ Dragan



He started in 1992,as DJ Cain (hardcore),his first DJ contest was in 1993 in the splash (housenation)and became second.
The second mix contest he played the turntables at the Topa.
After that he performed his shows in many local discotheques (Fun, Cargo, Broadway and many more.)
Later in 1998 he joined the stars en vibes team (of the famous label FIX-Hardcore),for which he did many nice performances.
In 2000 DJ Dragan switched from Hardcore to UK Hardhouse, did this for 2 years and then got to Hardstyle.
In February 2003 he and his girlfriend Main started their own label DJS-records. He also records tracks with her and the result of that you can see in 2006!
In November 2004 he came with a release by Q-dance named unleashe and hypnotised, this is a hardtrance release. Because of this release he turned the tables on Qlimax vip room(27-11-04)
So not only producing but definitely playing the turntables too, is his passion.
In 2004 he played in different local discotheques and parties like club x,Q-beach,club tempo,2 fast 4 trance and different interviews for example, Haarlem radio gekkenhouse and id&t radio with DJ Luna and Rogier, where he got interviewed twice and had two sessions on the turntables of about 1,5 hours.
He also got interviewed by Mental Theo on the Road for TMF Television, which got watched by roughly 500.000 people and Dragan could do a very nice promotion for himself and the label. On 19-03-2005 He was turning the tables at in-Qontrol at the Amsterdam Rai.(VIP-Room)
The beginning of 2005 was very mellow with turning the tables, this is because there are 3 new labels of which two had a restart and Dragan has been very busy with this.
At the end of 2005 Dragan did a performance in Denmark with DJ Main, where they will do many more in the future.
Dj Dragan wishes tp produce and spin the tables a lot on his label DJS Records. Around June 2005 his solo release names Invisibility came out and many more will come!
Recently Dragan made a special mix with numerous old and new tracks that are released on both labels. A press release was brought out to ID& T and different magazines. This one hour and 8 minutes long mix is only downloadable through the legal download site (ID&T)
Other parties he hit in 2005-2006 were: Qlimax (19-11-2005), Monkey Bass, Genetic v.s. Armageddon, the roomz, jumpmasters, profiler, xplosion, etc.
The existing label is for Hardstyle and the new DJS excl. label is for hardhouse, Hard Jump, Jump and whatever you choose to call it.
And then there is the new Trance label Trancecape records that is solely for releasing trance tracks.
Now that this is all rolling, it’s time to hit the accelerator and do his thing every weekend.