Davide Sonar



Davide Cardilli, better know az Davide Sonar haz begun to care for the music in the 1987 when he waz 6 yearz old, but when he waz 14 yearz old he had only 1 dream; to be a Dj & Producer! In the 2002 he started hiz career in the hardstyle. With projectz az “Julian Dj & Davide Sonar”, “Analogic Disturbance”, “Psycho Hardstylers” and “T.A.F.K.A.B.O.” he had some huge hitz. At the end of 2005 Davide joined Scantraxx with the monsterhit “Y.R.M.L. (You Are My Life) / Disco Hypno”. With hitz like Techno Boheme, Go Go Go!, Reactor, Y.R.M.L. he will be known forever in the Hardstyle scene. He played on partiez like: Q-Base (DE), Prophet X-qlusive (NL), Defqon 1 (NL), E-fect Outdoor (NL) and many otherz all over the world.

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