Emerging from the depths of Sydney\'s underground comes Bioweapon, a brand new hardstyle group born from the hottest talent from all walks of the dance music world. The two minds behind the project are Inverse, Orbit1. Inverse & Orbit1 being world renown hardcore djs having remixed for such artists as Watergate, Alphabeat, Riva, Dj Seduction and Sharkey. With releases on Nukleuz, Warped Science, Thin n Crispy and countless other hardcore labels and even had tunes featured on Konami\'s DDR games, their manic energy and studio expertise are in great demand globally. Teaming up with the dancefloor intuition and vocal talents of MC Anthrax they have turned their attention to the expansive and pounding sounds of hardstyle. Bioweapon are turning heads, smashing dancefloors with tunes being slammed around the globe and giving live performances often compared to a madman holding a shotgun - there is no escape. Sit tight cos Bioweapon is here and there is no cure.