Bassdrum Project



Producer and DeeJay from Valencia (Spain) since 1997.

With more than 70 productions on the market and more than 40,000 vinyls sold, his productions are based in the U.S. Hard House Style (New Style) / Jump Style, but distinguishing it with a style that he has become his own.

He has worked with important producers and DJs national and international as Mark V., Poogie Bear, DJ Tronic, DJ Kick, Midi Mark, DJ Ruthless, Da Tekno Warriors among others.

He has produced vinyls to several clubs as Piramide, Masia or Chocolate, has his own triple compilation (Bassdrum Project Full Tracks) and appears in C.H.R in session vol 1 and U.S.A to Spain Sessions. His productions are included in national and international many compilations and he has a vinyl (PHUNKEE) licensed by a prestigious Dutch label (SQUARE BEATS / Digidance).

His play DJ sets in the most important and famous discos in Spain, as for instance... Chocolate, Masia, Xtrem, Piramide, Manssion, Central Rock, Coliseum, Kontrol, Pont Aeri, TNT, Zoom, Inferno, Penelope, Rockola, Virtual, and many more. And internationals as... Cap\'tain (Belgium), Tremplin (France), BassLeader (Belgium), BPM (France), Complex (Belgium), La Bush (Belgica), Decibel Outdoor Festival (Holland), Q-Base (Germany)... among others.

Also he was the winner of a lot of awards... DJ ONERS 2005 (as the Best "NewStyle/Hardcore" Vinyl), DJ ONERS 2006 (as the Best Producer, the Best Vinyl and the Best Label "NewStyle/Hardcore"), ESPIRAL 2006 (Electronic Music Awards of the Comunidad Valenciana) as the Best Producer "Hardcore / NewStyle", DJ ONERS 2007 as the Best Producer, the Best Vinyl and the Best Label "NewStyle"), DJ ONERS 2008 (Best Label "NewStyle"), ESPIRAL 2008 (Best Producer Newstyle/Jump 2008).

Currently BASSDRUM PROJECT release his works under his own label , also works as a producer and sound technician in his studio of Contraseña Records, where in the year 2002 together with Lorenzo Monzó (A & R) they created C.H.R Records, with nearly 200 references put on the market today.