The B-Twinz are a group founded in 2009 by two italian guys, Morgan  and Flower. After several years playing in clubs, they decided to take a different way. Thanks to the common passion for hardstyle music, the B-Twinz founded their own label: White Blood Records.

The first vinyl was an ep, that contains "Sex FM" and "Showroom", two tracks produced by an old Pentium 4 laptop without any kind of equipment. After two new vinyl releases "The Empire Of The Hardest Styles" and "The Universe 691", they decided to buy a more professional equipment: a new mac based computer, professional audio card and a couple of studio monitors. All at once the two young guys will stop the vinyl production and pass to a the digital format.

Their unique style of production is always in evolution: the B-Twinz makes a very big footsteps from the first release to nowadays. In 2012 it\'s time to the first album, that is still in production. The future is an open door and that\'s only the beginning!

Stay tuned with the Twinz!
[email protected]

[email protected]

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