Mike Olde Kalter was born on the 13th of august 1989. He lives in Hengelo, a city in Overijssel, The Netherlands. When he was 12 years old he came in touch with electronic music. He was a fan of Hands Up music at that time and soon after that he discovered sequencer software to create your own music. After a year working with Dance Ejay someone told him about Fruity Loops. Since then he produced with Fruity Loops. After 5 years of takin\' it slow he went to a hardstyle party in the local club.

He was stunned of the music and the style that was spinned by this DJ, named Headhunterz. After that, Mike tried to produce Hardstyle. First under the name Bazz Controllerz, then the name The Voyagerz and nowadays he uses the name Arboza and is planning to keep that name.

He\'s also working together with Solutio, also a very talented producer.
After 2 years of practice, Arboza is back again with a new style. He just finished “Hardsound” and it is released on Screamer Hardstyle Recordings and he did the Hard Edit together with Solutio. At this moment he is working on several other projects. Make sure you don\'t miss anything, because this producer will make u dance!