My passion for hardstyle music starts around the year 2000. In 2005 i gained my first experience and used the name Dj Hardstar. The year 2006 i did performed together with a friend of mine (Jimi Kivit) we create dj team The Hardstarz. As The Hardstarz we played at some big and great partys. In late 2007 i met Morad Merzoug over the internet. In the beginning of 2008 we started a brand new dj/produce team, named: The Arrivalz. Because I now had two projects, Morad en I decide to ask Jimi join the Arrivalz. With The Arrivalz we played at some great partys and we make some nice tracks. We also went to the HDE 2010 to make part of the produce contest. The jury (Prophet, Zany, Brennan Heart and Neophyte) decide that we are the nr one of the contest.(I want to thank everybody for this unforgettable day) But it's time to move on, for now i will not spin and produce under the name The Arrivalz anymore. Because Morad, Jimi & I want a different road, we sepperate our ways. I want to thank Morad and Jimi for the nice years. I'm now working on solo projects and will perform alone in the future under my new name... Dj Aphobia.