Anonymous Hardstylez



Some things are never ment to be seen, just heard. As of to this fact Anonymous Hardstylez works under that concept. It would ruin the whole idea that built the phenomenon, this duo can’t reveal themselves to the world.

From the beginning they were just two guys with a massive interest in music, in the distanced country of Sweden, from a place you can call “the middle of nowhere” Anonymous Hardstylez was formed in early 2012. In joint forces they found them selves to be equals in thought and spirit sharing the goals and their beliefs. Today they go by the name Mischief and Mayhem and they are set on showing the world their music, not their faces! Within a couple of weeks this duo had presented 9 titles and reached out and gained over 60.000 hits on youtube with their first official productions. In a time where hardstyle didn’t evolve, Anonymous Hardstyles wanted to put their mark on the scene and show everyone otherwise!

These guys are driven by the love for their music and with a start like none other, nothing seems to stop them from doing what they love. With rough intros and uplifting, emotional melodies, a different hardstyle some might say, these guys are ready to take over the world with their productions and of course, with the concept focusing towards their music.

Heads up, Anonymous Hardstylez has had a flying start – And now, they are coming for you!

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