From Denmark, to You!

This young man is on the move! Only 14 years old(21/10 - 1996) and hungry for music!
Malthe was at only 10 years of age getting into simple music-making programs, just to find out that this was his call. Music was all he was focused to do.
It all began by exploring different styles of electronic music from techno to trance. Some time afterwards, his ears listened to hardstyle, and since then this is the only style for Adrenalize!

The first tracks was produced in co-operation with his brother, but now its only Adrenalize him self, and he is ready to show You what he is made of.
The dream is to prove that hardstyle is his call, and to become an established artist in this business.

The name, Adrenalize, is also picked with knowledge. The knowledge of creating tracks full of energy, speed and power. Combined with uplifting melodies, and innovative thinking this can only go on way, Forward!

World, get ready for Adrenalize!