Adaro is born in 1980 in a village in the south of the Netherlands. He produced several electronic music styles, his alias for Hardstyle is DJ Adaro. Since he first heard the sounds of Thunderball’s “Bonzai Channel One” in 1993, he was hooked! He got a feeling that he’d never felt before, he immediately fell in love with that hard beat. He loved to watch his heroes behind the wheels of steel and he went to lots of big raves and clubs the following years. He started spinning with some friends and collecting lots of great vinyls. He wanted to create music too, so around the year 2000 he started producing all kinds of electronic music.

In 2008 he started producing hardstyle together with his good friend Ran-D, and early 2009 this resulted in their first release on A2 Records; “Ran-D vs Adaro – My Name is Hardstyle”. In 2009 he played at the Q-Base festival in Germany. Their track “Ran-D & Adaro – Under Attack” is considered as one of the most popular hardstyle tracks from 2010 (#2 in the Hardtraxx Top 5 of 2010). Their Other tracks like”Struggle for Existence” and their bootleg remix of “In for the Kill” were heavily supported by all major jocks.

Adaro’s solotrack “Hit you with that Bang Shit” was supported by DJ’s like Crypsis, Zany, Ran-D, Alpha Twins, Headhunterz and B-Front. His track “The Haunter of the Dark” is very well received by almost all big names in the scene. Both tracks appear on the A² Records album “Unleashed” and there is a lot more to come!
As a result of his tracks his DJ-Schedule is growing and in the summer of 2011 he will perform on major harddance events like Defqon.1 festival, Dreamfields and The Qontinent (BE).
Early 2011 Ran-D and Adaro created a new track called “Gangsters Don’t Dance”, which is supported by DJ’s like Headhunterz, Zany, The Prophet and Alpha Twins. They released it under their new project name “Gunz For Hire”. Their newest G4H-track “Put It On” is just finished. They have big plans with their new project, so beware!

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