Tim & Frank aka A-Drive started their professional dj career and introduced their new sound to the Hardstyle scene back in 2005.
They are the founders and owners of the music production company 1st Division and have released many tracks on their own label ”Special Records”. Aside from releasing tracks on their own label their tracks have appeared on Vip Records, ETX Records, Acova Recordings and Seismic Records.
A-Drive have collaborated and created several projects with Ran-D, B-Front, Max B Grant, Lady Tom, Philippe Rochard, Brian NRG, MC Rems, MC Lithium and many in the past.
They have performed at big events like Defqon.1, X-Qlusive , Intoxicated, Cynergize and Icon and have performed in countries world wide like Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, France and Australia.
It’s time for this duo to conquer the rest of the Hardstyle minded world.