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Unexist - Anarchy ep - DT6 Inc. - 13:56 - 05.11.2010

Anarchy ep


Label:DT6 Inc.
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Length:13:56 / 3 tracks


After a long waiting, here is the first single extracted from the upcoming new Unexist's album "Anarchy".

For many years Unexist has been developing his own style of pure audio brutality and now, with the rock voice of Satronica (New York, USA), he widens the borders of the hardcore music by releasing the cover of the well known Sex Pistols' hit "Anarchy in the UK", givin' it a fresh and new industrial/hardcore mood.

After "Fight the power", Unexist join forces with DJ Mad Dog once again creating "D3stroy the system", a well produced fusion between Schranz and Industrial, which states the skills of these 2 masters of the Italian hardcore scene.

"#1" closes this ep with another cross-over, this time the hardcore beat is well mixed up with some drum'n'bass breaks in the typical Unexist style.
In the breakdown there's a famous sample of sixties black singer Wendy Rene, sing alone... "After laughter come tears !!"

The official release of Unexist's new album "Anarchy" will be on 23/10/2010 at the homonymous party at the glorious North Sea Venue of Zaandam (NL).

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