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Tommyknocker Feat. MC Jeff - Sinner - Traxtorm Records - 17:51 - 28.01.2015


Tommyknocker Feat. MC Jeff

Label:Traxtorm Records
Category:Downloads / Albums
Length:17:51 / 4 tracks


Tommyknocker feat. MC Jeff - Sinner
After the experimental "Before you go #TiH", Tommyknocker reminds us why he has been one of the top producers in the latest 15 years, with a powerfull dancefloor-smasher release.
Huge, bouncing bass will make you dance and jump, and Jeff's vocals fit like a glove and the sound research is always great.. the second drop will awaken all the madness in you!

Tommyknocker - Wild
A groovy intro announces an epic melody people will go grazy for, every hardcore freak will rise his hands to clap and shout to this! Very rousing and bouncy, this track could be one of the big room & festivals surprise tracks of 2015!

Cover art: Knot_head & Cobie

Special thanks to: Laura, Alexander, Francesca, Gualtiero, Tessa, Anthony, Gaby, Guido, Cristian, Jappo, Fulvio, Dario, Leonardo, Stijn, and especially all the people that follow me and support my music for 15 years

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