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Theo Gobensen - Interstellar EP - Spline Music - 10:02 - 20.08.2015

Interstellar EP

Theo Gobensen

Label:Spline Music
Category:Downloads / Albums
Length:10:02 / 2 tracks


Presenting Asia's biggest and first hardstyle producer ever featured on a global platform by household hardstyle names, Theo Gobensen! As featured on Isaac's Hardstyle Session #67, MC Villain's XXlerator #24 and on Frontliner's channel, the much awaited euphoric singles from Theo Gobensen are finally released!

This release marks Spline Music's first foray into building a globally recognized label, pushing new frontiers and standards of hardstyle, showcasing only quality productions from the depths of Asia. Asia is fertile soil for the global spread of the hardstyle movement. More and more producers are coming forth, bearing fruits of the music we love. Stay tuned! Only quality releases coming your way!

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