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The Fuze - Waz going on - Next Cyclone - 20:21 - 23.04.2013

Waz going on

The Fuze

Label:Next Cyclone
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Length:20:21 / 4 tracks


The absolute debut of The Fuze in the Hardcore scene.
Melodies and millennium-oriented harmonies, special arrangements and insightful drums are the trademarks of their style.

And it's Next Cyclone pleasure to release this new promising duo with their first release.
Each track has something that will stick in your head.

"Waz Going On" is probably the most mainstream track of the EP, very raw kick, catchy vocals and contagious melody.

"Zero 2 Hero" is the track most notably with break and vocal out of the ordinary in a context where big drums and strings are joined together.

"Planet Beat N Bass" is most hazarded track of the ep, mixing some atmospheres of spanish Makina style with the beats of a fresh mainstream hardcore track.

"Music is Emotion" is another very catchy tune featured a break a little bit out of the ordinary.

An album full of emotions which expresses the new style of these two producers.
The Fuze: The Best Is Yet To Come.

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