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The Fuze - Starcatching - Next Cyclone - 23:37 - 05.11.2014


The Fuze

Label:Next Cyclone
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Length:23:37 / 6 tracks


We present The Fuze last studio work, Starcatching, a release that represent their steady evolution toward a very unique style.

Starcatching is the title track, 100% The Fuze style. A uplifting vocal merged with an harmonic melody that explode into the perfect combo kickdrum+melody.
A track born and written to delivery just one message: #emotionfirst

Wattafuck: an harder intro that leads into a way more aggressive kickdrum.
A fusion of snares, hats and screetches that will leave you just few moment of relax before kickin in with a edgy riff.

Hybrid: one of the tracks included in the album "This is Hardcore - Rebellious", already played and supported in many major international events.
Melodies inspired by the Millenium Hardcore, composed on a riff that never cease to make you move, from the beginning, till the end.
We call it hybrid!

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