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The Fuze - Customer care - Next Cyclone - 14:59 - 01.10.2013

Customer care

The Fuze

Label:Next Cyclone
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Length:14:59 / 3 tracks


Here they are again and once again in the Cyclone: The Fuze!!

The italian duo is definitely going to improve their "spectrum" style and this new EP, which includes 3 banging new tracks, is the proof:

"Customer Care": with this tune they cross doubtless some border, if you want a really fat kick at 160 BPM: press 9-0-9.

"Elementz": tune characterized by sounds and bass drums distorted and noisy harmful vocals.
These are the principle elements of Hardcore.... or not!?

"Put your fucking hands up": it's a special combination of kicks, tricks, vocal loops and a very flowing melody, absolutely in The Fuze's style.

The Fuze: the best is yet to come.

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