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RVAGE - New Dimension - Scantraxx Special - 27:22 - 23.10.2019

New Dimension


Label:Scantraxx Special
Category:Downloads / Albums
Length:27:22 / 7 tracks


Rough, diverse and always striving to expand the minds of his listeners, RVAGE is without a doubt one of Hardstyle’s most interesting artists at the moment. He’s caused all the hype with his previous releases, which all exhibit an in-your-face signature style. However, RVAGE decided that now was the time to embark on a journey that would challenge himself like never before…

Proudly presenting 7 brand-new solos, RVAGE’s ‘New Dimension’ mini album stands for his current relationship with music and a renewed vision on production. He’s pushed himself into new territories of experimentation and of course, the result is a handful of incredible and unique material.

Be prepared to enter a ‘new dimension’ with this game-changing mini album!

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