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Opsero, BMBERJCK, Sparkz - Fear The Power Remix EP (Extended Mix) - Oblivion Music - 10:44 - 02.09.2021

Fear The Power Remix EP (Extended Mix)

Extended Mix

Opsero, BMBERJCK, Sparkz

Label:Oblivion Music
Category:Downloads / Albums
Code:Fear The Power Remix EP
Length:10:44 / 3 tracks


OBVNEP6 features thee new mind boggling remixes from non other than BMBERJCK, Sparkz and Opsero himself. BMBERJCK went for a more rawphoric track, whilst Sparkz went for the really deep gated route. Opsero made a VIP Remix on his own track and that completes this EP. Expect heavy kicks and hard drops, this EP will give you a bassface!

Album Tracks
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