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Nick Grater - Contagion + Oblivion - Techburst Records - 14:31 - 27.02.2017

Contagion + Oblivion

Nick Grater

Label:Techburst Records
Category:Downloads / Albums
Length:14:31 / 2 tracks


Every so often we get something so unique that it catches us off guard. This is one of those releases! With Contagion comes studio genius. It is techno, but is surprisingly vintage Perfecto progressive sounding, with a sliver of trance in there too. The track twists and turns, cleverly spellbinding you with its intoxicating groove, warm melodies and contrasting dark synth patterns. With Oblivion, it has a slight whiff of the progressive techno classic Christian Smith - Flyertalk that we adore. With a clinical and water-tight groove, this production will kick and punch right through any Funktion-One sound system, like a knife through butter, this is a stellar release from Nick, do not miss!

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